Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

  • 3 Tips For Proper Care And Maintenance Of Water Heaters

    Homeowners count on water heater systems to get them through a sink full of dirty utensils and a lovely morning shower. Whenever you need a reliable and cost-effective hot water supply in your home, a water heater is your go-to system. However, water heaters cannot last forever and will give in after about 10 years. With years of use, cracks begin to emerge due to wear and tear. Corrosion starts to develop at frequent intervals.

  • Is It Time to Switch to Linear Shower Drainage in Your Bathrooms?

    Linear drainage systems refer to rectangular shaped drains that are typically outfitted at one end of a tiled shower. Their design is meant to ensure the drain is flush with the point where the tiling ends, creating a seamless flat surface. Although a staple in commercial spaces, linear drains have steadily started making their way into residential bathrooms and this is not as a passing trend. The high functionality of this type of drain coupled with its sleek design has made it a must-have for homeowners that want to get rid of their traditional point grates.

  • Benefits of a Roof Replacement

    If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, and you're constantly fixing and mending different components, you might be better off replacing it rather than delaying the inevitable. Consider the following benefits. Save Energy As old roofs deteriorate, they can develop gaps and holes that create air leaks. The roof cladding is meant to provide a layer of insulation across your home, and once it's compromised, your heating and cooling costs will climb.

  • Drain Cleaning: 3 Reliable Reasons to Leave It to a Professional Plumber

    Your drains will be clogged at one time no matter how much you try to avoid it. However, how you get them cleaned is everything. Do-it-yourself methods are good for your wallet, but they don't always address the real problem. Regular checks go a long way to prevent clogged pipes, but you should involve a professional plumber when they get clogged. Professional drain cleaning is critical, but most people overlook it.

  • A Guide to Hot Water Unit Replacement for Your Home

    Nothing lasts forever, and your hot water unit is no exception. While proper upkeep will go a long way in keeping the unit running at its best for a longer period, it is bound to give out at one point or another, calling for a replacement. Watching out for signs that you require a new water heater is essential to avoiding the inconvenience of going for days without hot water supply and spending lots of dollars repairing a water heater that won't last very long.

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Unblocking the toilet

If I didn't know better, I'd think my toddler started each day with a challenge to throw something new and different down the toilet. He has managed to put nearly anything can imagine down the toilet. I have gotten pretty good at figuring out what has gone missing down the loo and whether it's something I can fix or something that I need to call the plumber to help me fix it. This blog is for other mums of toddlers who need to get toys out of the toilet and get the toilet back to working condition as soon as possible!