Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

by Nicholas Chambers

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, and you're constantly fixing and mending different components, you might be better off replacing it rather than delaying the inevitable. Consider the following benefits.

Save Energy

As old roofs deteriorate, they can develop gaps and holes that create air leaks. The roof cladding is meant to provide a layer of insulation across your home, and once it's compromised, your heating and cooling costs will climb. This is because, with a holey roof, the warmth will more easily escape in winter necessitating extra heating. In summer, outside weather will infiltrate through the rooms more freely, forcing you to crank up the air conditioning. 

Make Your Home More Efficient

Replacing the roof provides a unique opportunity for you to fine-tune its efficiency to a new level. To prevent your home from getting uncomfortably hot in summer, contractors can cover the new cladding with a reflective coat that prevents heat absorption. Also, while the cladding is removed, they can add updated insulation. 

The cladding material plays a role also. Concrete and terracotta tiles — without a reflective coating — have a high thermal mass which means they absorb the sun's heat before letting it go, hours later, during the night. This keeps your home cooler in the day and warmer at night. In a climate with hot days and chilly nights, this is ideal. Alternatively, if you live in a humid area and want to maintain a cool home during the night, you can install metal, which doesn't absorb heat.

Prevent Future Damage

An old roof presents a minefield of possible problems waiting to unfold that a new roof will forestall. For instance, if water leaks into the roof cavity, it can rot timber beams and other structural components. Worse still, the moisture can seep into the ceiling plaster and the walls, creating costly additional damage. A roof replacement will stop such future headaches. 

Improve the Facade

Because roofing covers a large part of the home, it's highly noticeable from the street. Thus, old decrepit tiles that are hanging loose or rusty metal will impinge on the overall vista. Pristine and lustrous roofing material, whether tiles or metal, will uplift the whole facade and landscape. A replacement provides you with the opportunity to go with a completely different roof colour also — one that is more flattering or dramatic.

Increase Home Value

A new roof will uplift the value of your home, which is crucial if you're considering selling. Buyers can have confidence, knowing they won't have to fork out thousands on roofing issues should they purchase your home. They'll also appreciate its beauty.


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Unblocking the toilet

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