Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Is It Time to Switch to Linear Shower Drainage in Your Bathrooms?

by Nicholas Chambers

Linear drainage systems refer to rectangular shaped drains that are typically outfitted at one end of a tiled shower. Their design is meant to ensure the drain is flush with the point where the tiling ends, creating a seamless flat surface. Although a staple in commercial spaces, linear drains have steadily started making their way into residential bathrooms and this is not as a passing trend. The high functionality of this type of drain coupled with its sleek design has made it a must-have for homeowners that want to get rid of their traditional point grates. Nonetheless, some homeowners may have not considered this type of drain for their residence simply because they are unaware of what makes it an upgrade. If you are unsure, read on for a summation on why it is time to switch to linear shower drainage in your bathroom.

Reduce the risk of tripping in the shower

Wet rooms are notorious for accidents. And if you already have a loved one that is contending with mobility issues, it is best to do the best you can to make bath time as free from risks as possible. Liner shower drainage is one measure that can help reduce tripping hazards dramatically. Traditional drains call for multiple slopes in the shower to maximise on the redirection of water inside them, whereas a linear drainage system simply requires the entire floor to slope in a singular direction. Resultantly, upgrading to linear shower drainage will get rid of the unevenness that a point drain causes, which automatically enhances the safety of your loved ones. Not to mention that smoothening out these irregularities on the shower floor will also work to improve the appearance of this space.

Eliminate that protruding curb

Kerbless shower design is indubitably one of the key elements for curating a minimalist and contemporary bathroom. However, when you have a point drain, you are familiar with the fact that water will likely seep all over so you need the jutting kerb in place to prevent puddling on your main bathroom floor. Nonetheless, these kerbs, regardless of how small they are, do look conspicuous and thus create an illusion of taking up a considerable amount of space. If you want to reclaim your shower, you should opt for linear drainage. A linear drain is especially beneficial for small bathrooms since they ensure all the water is continually eliminated as one takes a shower, so you can even do away with a shower curtain if you want.

For more information about linear shower drainage, contact a local plumber.


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Unblocking the toilet

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