Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Important Hot Water System Installation Considerations

by Nicholas Chambers

Installing a hot water system in your home is a big decision. The right hot water installation will ensure you have a steady flow of hot water for your household use while the wrong one may leave you without sufficient hot water in times of need.     

The secret to installing a suitable hot water system for your home and family is to assess your needs beforehand. Here are some critical factors to consider when weighing up your water heater installation options. 

Daily Household Hot Water Consumption

How much hot water will you need for all household purposes, on average? You need hot water for various daily activities, such as cooking, bathing, showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, and so on. Your daily household water usage should be the first factor you consider when selecting a hot water system.

A water heater that's too large for your needs will waste energy due to the unneeded water heating capacity while one that's too small won't provide enough hot water for your household needs.

Depending on the number of people living in your house and the flow rate of the various water fixtures and water-using appliances in the home, a hot water heating technician can help you work out your average hot water consumption and choose a correctly sized unit. 

Water Heater Type

Water heaters come in a variety of types to match the different needs of different homeowners. All residential water heaters fall into two general categories: storage water heaters and tankless water heaters.

Each option can be further sub-categorised based on the type of fuel used to heat water. Some of the most common residential water heater sub-categories include gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters.

The type of water heater you choose for your home should not only match your household's daily hot water demand but should also use the fuel type that's available in your area. Additionally, be sure to go for a hot water system that can fit within the physical constraints of your abode.

Water Heater Installation Cost

The cost of hot water system installation varies depending on the type and size of the water heater you choose to install. Generally, the most efficient water heater models tend to be the most expensive to install owing to the associated long-term energy and cost savings.

For example, solar water heaters are generally more expensive to purchase and install than traditional storage water heaters but they can usually save you money over the long term because sunshine is a free energy source. In short, spending more upfront may translate to saving more in the long run.

If you have any questions regarding water heater installation, it's best to consult a hot water system plumber based close to you.


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Unblocking the toilet

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