Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

  • Drain Cleaning: 3 Reliable Reasons to Leave It to a Professional Plumber

    Your drains will be clogged at one time no matter how much you try to avoid it. However, how you get them cleaned is everything. Do-it-yourself methods are good for your wallet, but they don't always address the real problem. Regular checks go a long way to prevent clogged pipes, but you should involve a professional plumber when they get clogged. Professional drain cleaning is critical, but most people overlook it.

  • A Guide to Hot Water Unit Replacement for Your Home

    Nothing lasts forever, and your hot water unit is no exception. While proper upkeep will go a long way in keeping the unit running at its best for a longer period, it is bound to give out at one point or another, calling for a replacement. Watching out for signs that you require a new water heater is essential to avoiding the inconvenience of going for days without hot water supply and spending lots of dollars repairing a water heater that won't last very long.

  • Top Considerations When Buying and Installing Water Heater Systems

    Water heaters are a must-have in a home because of the convenience and efficiency they provide in heating water for showering, dishwashing and laundry. Water heaters are becoming more and more energy-efficient to save homeowners some cash. You have the option of choosing either electrical or natural gas-powered models or even a hybrid type. Homeowners who prefer to go an extra mile can consider a tankless unit. Here are some top considerations for you to keep in mind when buying and installing water heater systems.

  • Don'ts for Preventing Blocked Drains

    Having a plumbing system means you will inevitably have to contend with plumbing issues. One of the more common problems that homeowners will face is dealing with blocked drains. This is because foreign particles will gradually make their ways down your drains and accumulation eventually result into blockages. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to continuously deal with blocked drains. By knowing what to do and not to do, you are taking measures to preventing the risk of clogs developing.

  • Success Tips When Clearing A Clog With A Plunger

    Almost every homeowner is bound to encounter a plumbing issue in their home at some point. Plumbing costs vary based upon the frequency and severity of the problems that arise. Minor problems that are not properly attended to tend to recur and exacerbate over time. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to be able to handle any minor plumbing issue before they can call in a professional plumber to diagnose the root cause of the problem.

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Unblocking the toilet

If I didn't know better, I'd think my toddler started each day with a challenge to throw something new and different down the toilet. He has managed to put nearly anything can imagine down the toilet. I have gotten pretty good at figuring out what has gone missing down the loo and whether it's something I can fix or something that I need to call the plumber to help me fix it. This blog is for other mums of toddlers who need to get toys out of the toilet and get the toilet back to working condition as soon as possible!