Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

A Guide to Hot Water Unit Replacement for Your Home

by Nicholas Chambers

Nothing lasts forever, and your hot water unit is no exception. While proper upkeep will go a long way in keeping the unit running at its best for a longer period, it is bound to give out at one point or another, calling for a replacement. Watching out for signs that you require a new water heater is essential to avoiding the inconvenience of going for days without hot water supply and spending lots of dollars repairing a water heater that won't last very long.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to replace your water heater.

Your Water Heating Unit Has Reached the End of Its Expected Life

Like other manufactured products, water heaters do have an expiration date. If yours has served you beyond the expected service life, count yourself lucky because all hot water units don't last past their expiration date. Whether or not your water heater is showing signs of giving out, it is generally recommended that you start thinking about replacing it a year or two before its expiration date. Quality water heaters don't come by cheaply, so it is essential to start planning on making the purchase early enough.

Your Hot Water Is Rusty

Your water heater tank and water pipes are usually made using the strongest metal material on the face of planet Earth – steel. However, within steel's inherent strength lies a weakness – rusting. When rust takes hold on steel surfaces, it eats away at the material, and its effects are irreversible. If you start noticing that your hot water is brownish in colour, this is a sign of corrosion damage to the steel components of your water heater.

As the rusting process is irreversible, the only option available to you will be to replace your entire hot water system.

Your Water Heater Is Leaky

The presence of leaks is a sign that rust may have already eaten away at your water tank and other steel components of your water heater. But you will first need to call in a professional plumber to inspect your hot water unit to establish if the leaks are reparable or not.

Every homeowner likes it when their hot water system is operating properly, but only a few want to think about the fact that it will need to be replaced at some point in the future. To be on the safe side, you should never ignore any of the above-highlighted warning signs. Seek out a professional plumber before it is too late. To learn more about hot water units, contact your local plumbers. 


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Unblocking the toilet

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