Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Yes, That Plumbing Problem Is An Emergency!

by Nicholas Chambers

Not all plumbing problems in your home are true emergencies; a dripping faucet or running toilet can be annoying and they both waste water, but chances are that neither is an urgent problem. However, there are some plumbing problems in your home that you might tend to ignore, thinking that they can wait until it's convenient to call a plumber, but which should be addressed as soon as possible. Note a few of those here so you know when to call an emergency plumber.

Drip through the ceiling

When you have a drip coming through the ceiling or you just see a telltale water stain on a ceiling tile, you don't want to put off repairing this. A leak in a pipe that causes it to drip is often the result of too much water pressure, which could cause the pipe to burst. You might also have standing water on the other side of the ceiling, and the ceiling could actually collapse. Standing water or a drip could also lead to damaging and unhealthy mold forming along the ceiling tiles or beams. Even if it's just a small drip or small water stain, have this checked out by an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Frozen pipe

Never assume that a frozen pipe will simply thaw out and the water will run freely again; water expands as it freezes, and this pressure may have caused cracks around the connectors or body of the pipe itself. Once the water thaws, it may start shooting out of any of those cracks, and the pipe could then burst! Have a plumber inspect and then remove and replace the frozen pipe if needed, so you avoid this risk of added damage.

Backed-up bathtub

If your home's bathtub is clogged, you might remove the stopper and see if there is a lot of hair and other debris at the top of the drain that you can easily remove. However, if the bathtub is backing up, meaning that water is coming back up out of the drain, you want to call an emergency plumber. This backup usually means that there is a severe clog somewhere in the pipes that is causing the water to push back up to the top of the drain. Ignoring this problem, even if the water should eventually subside, can mean allowing pressure to build up on the pipes and, in turn, you run the risk of a burst or cracked pipe.

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Unblocking the toilet

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