Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Five Tips to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom for Children

by Nicholas Chambers

If you are planning bathroom renovations for your children's bathroom, there are multiple things to consider. If you want to create a fun, functional and safe bathroom for your kids, take a look at these tips. They will help you make decisions about your renovation:

1. Focus on safety considerations first

When little ones are involved, you need to put safety considerations front and centre in your bathroom renovations plan. To that end, make sure that you have a professional remove any asbestos flooring or lead paint. Also, make sure that your outlets are up to code with GFCIs. If the bathroom has a window, eliminate the risk of your child falling out of it by installing bars over the window or by putting in a new window with a sash that opens from the top rather than the bottom.

2. Leave extra space for baby and toddler accessories

When you are trying to choose a new vanity, put in a new tub or make other changes to your bathroom, also keep in mind that you may want to leave a bit of extra space. While your baby is young, you may want space for a changing table, and as your baby turns into a toddler, you may want a spot to stow a potty chair or a basket of bath toys. So that is possible, leave a bit of extra floor space. If you have older kids, forgo the floor space and put in a double vanity so they can use the bathroom at the same time.

3. Stay away from sharp corners and slippery floors

To reduce the chances of your child slipping and hitting their head, try to reduce the number of sharp corners in your bathroom. For example, opt for a countertop that has rounded rather than square edges. In addition, choose flooring that is relatively slip resistant rather than marble or other materials that are likely to be very slippery.

4. Go wild with colour and patterns

When renovating a bathroom for a child, you don't just have to think about safety. You also get to have a good time. Don't hold back. Let your inner designer go a little wild. Mix and match bright colours and fun patterns in the tiles, wallpaper, paint, sinks, countertops and other elements.

5. Make the bathroom accessible

Finally, make the bathroom accessible for your child. Hang low hooks so he or she can hang up his or her own bath towel easily. Have a couple of drawers within reach of your child holding toys, hair brushes or other toiletries.

Want more renovation ideas? Contact a bathroom renovation expert. They can help you design the perfect bathroom for your children or anyone else in your family.


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Unblocking the toilet

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