Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Repair Jobs That Are Always Best Left to a Plumber

by Nicholas Chambers

Many homeowners today are quite capable of handling simple plumbing repair jobs; it's not difficult to unhook the pipe under the kitchen sink in order to empty out a food clog, or to address a toilet clog with a good plunger. However, not all plumbing repair jobs are that simple, and sometimes trying to address them yourself can mean making the problem worse. You might also make a poor-quality repair that doesn't last. Note a few plumbing repair jobs that are always better left to a plumber and why you should call a professional in these cases.

Sludge or mud

When there is sludge or mud coming back up from a clogged drain or clogged toilet, you want to have a plumber inspect your pipes and make repairs. This sludge or mud or any other such sediment usually means that a pipe outside your home is cracked or broken. Mud and sludge then make their way into the pipe and cause a clog; this sediment then gets pulled back up the drain or toilet. Trying to snake out this type of clog won't address any potentially cracked pipe, so it's better to have a plumber inspect the damage and, if necessary, replace that pipe altogether.

Hot water heater repairs

Making repairs to your hot water heater can be dangerous even after you disconnect the power and let the unit cool. Internal parts and the inside of the tank itself can still be very hot long after the power is off, and you can risk a serious burn. You also need to ensure you don't set the temperature dial too high when you're finished making repairs, as this can mean dangerously hot water coming from your taps. It can also mean steaming or boiling water inside the tank that puts pressure on the tank; eventually your hot water heater could actually burst, which is very dangerous and very costly to repair.

Replacing pipes

Replacing pipes is not always a simple job; if you choose the wrong material of pipe, this could cause early corrosion and resultant leaks around connectors. Trying to connect soft metal like brass can mean actually denting the metal, and this too can mean eventual leaks. A plumber may also do a more thorough job of inspecting your home's plumbing to find the cause of leaks, a burst pipe, and other such damage; if the cause of this damage is not addressed, your replaced pipe may soon also start leaking or just burst.

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Unblocking the toilet

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