Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Tips on Ensuring the Energy Efficiency of Your Restaurant Kitchen's Hot Water Supply System

by Nicholas Chambers

If you run a restaurant business, it is important for you to get a constant supply of hot water in your kitchen. A commercial water heater can be installed to ensure that you get all the hot water you need to kill waterborne germs and keep food safe for consumption. That aside, you will also want to reduce energy costs associated with using appliances in your commercial kitchen so that you can cut on your overall cost of operation.

Follow these tips to ensure that you get energy-efficient hot water supply in your restaurant kitchen:

Opt for solar water heaters, if possible.

There are numerous types of commercial water heaters that you can be installed in your restaurant kitchen, including solar, electric, gas and tankless water heaters. But, if you want the most energy-efficient option, you should choose a solar water heater. Why? Because solar energy is free of charge!

Solar water heaters are powered by solar panels, which convert solar energy into electrical energy used to heat water. This way, your water heater will not be one of those kitchen appliances that will increase your monthly energy bills.

Encourage your kitchen staff to practise energy-saving habits.

A major restriction on the use of solar water heaters is that you must have a backup source of hot water supply in case there isn't enough solar heat to provide you with water temperatures high enough to meet your kitchen applications. That means you will have to choose between electric, gas-powered or tankless water heaters to meet your kitchen needs when you cannot use a solar water heater.

Much of the energy wastage in many commercial kitchens relying on electric, gas-powered or tankless water heaters are generally as a result of employees' disregard of energy-efficient practice. Constantly reminding your kitchen employees to adhere to energy-saving behaviours such as lowering the temperature of water required for dishwashing to just the right level can go a long way in ensuring that your water heaters do not run harder than is necessary, saving you lots of dollars annually in potential energy costs.

While installing a solar water heater is an eco-friendly and very cost-effective option, it can only work reliably if your restaurant business is located in a region that receives an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. Adopting energy-saving practice in your business can help reduce energy wastage when you are using an electric, a gas or a tankless water heater.


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Unblocking the toilet

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