Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Commercial Plumbing: Material Options for Drainage Systems

by Nicholas Chambers

The drainage system in commercial buildings should be assessed during refurbishment and general improvement projects. This is a critical module in the plumbing structure, and its performance will affect the usability and health standards of the property. If you have an old commercial structure with out-dated or poorly performing drainage networks, you should consider upgrading all the components. A more resilient drainage system will promote better long-term performance and attract higher purchase prices when you decide to resell. Here are the materials that you can select for your improved drainage systems.


You should consider incorporating polyvinyl chloride pipes in your commercial structure. In the recent past, this material has been selected for installation during the construction of most modern buildings. This popularity can be attributed to the relatively low price attached to purchasing the pipes. Therefore, it is ideal if you have limited financial resources. The material is lightweight and consequently, easier to install in established buildings. In addition, PVC will resist corrosion by chemically contaminated waste and withstand considerably high temperatures without distortion. However, you should note that heavy loads will cause bending of PVC pipes and subsequent blockage, so you should choose this for smaller commercial setups.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is not often installed into modern buildings as part of the plumbing network. However, this has been constantly favoured as the perfect material for heavy-duty drainage systems. Cast iron is strong and resistant to distortion from pressure and mechanical impact. Therefore, it can handle more waste material in larger buildings without bending or blocking unexpectedly. Moreover, this piping type can be used for storm drains which deal with large volumes of water at high speeds. On the other hand, iron is susceptible to corrosion when exposed to adverse chemicals. You should not install this if your building has laboratories and manufacturing plants that deal with caustic and acidic substances.


The acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material is an opaque polymer that is used to fabricate strong plumbing materials. The plastic is relatively low-cost, so it is ideal for a low-budget commercial project. The beneficial properties of ABS in heavy-duty drainage networks include stiffness, generally good strength and impact resistance. In addition, this material will offer good resistance to chemical substances and low temperatures, so it can handle most commercial demands. Unfortunately, these pipes can become deformed when exposed to harsh sunlight for long.

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Unblocking the toilet

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