Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

3 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber for Your Septic System

by Nicholas Chambers

If you have a home that is connected to a septic system, you already know that you need routine septic cleaning to maintain your system. Beyond this general cleaning, there are times when you system will need attention. In these cases, you will need a plumber who has experience dealing with septic tanks and related systems. Here are three signs that you need to call a plumber for your septic system.

Slow Drainage

If you are having issues with slow drainage in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room then you may have a septic blockage. If the drain is blocked, not only will you have issues with slow drain flow, you will also have issues with water backing up and seeing dirty water come back up and out of the drain. This can cause odor in your home, not to mention the other issues of possible broken pipes and lost seals from the water damage. If this is a problem you are experiencing, you may need professionals like The Plumbing Company.

Strong Odor

Septic tanks may seem to be working properly, but there are signs that they are actually having issues. One of these issues is a strong odor outside of the home. This odor could be a result of a serious septic tank issue, like a leak or a break in the system wall.

The plumbers in your area will need to send out a technician to dig around the area and check the tank for issues. If an issue is found with the pipes, they can clean the blockage and replace the pipe if needed. If the issue is with something else, like a fallen wall or broken tank wall, then you may need a new tank to be installed and placed.

Sink Holes

If you have noticed sink holes or areas of the property around your tank, know that this isn't an easy fix. This can mean that the septic tank is sinking from it's originally placement due to issues with the earth in that location or issues with leaks from the bottom of the tank. Either of these can be severe and can lead to septic overflow and ground contamination. A plumber can not only determine the cause of the problems, but also help you locate a more suitable area for a new tank to be installed.

If you are uncertain if your septic system has issues or if it needs to be replaced, contact professionals in your area. They can schedule an appointment and help you decide the best options for your needs. They can also give you a price estimate if your current tank needs to be removed. 


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Unblocking the toilet

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