Unblocking the toilet

Unblocking the toilet

Five Items You Need To Create An Emergency DIY Plumbing Kit

by Nicholas Chambers

In many cases, simple plumbing repairs such as leaky pipes leading to your shower are surprisingly easy to fix on your own. However, in order to be successful, you need the right tools for these plumbing repairs. You can easily set up your own basic plumbing repair kit with the following items:

1. PVC or Copper Pipes

Take a look at the pipes in your walls (there should be an access panel behind your shower or tub) and buy a few spare lengths of pipe to have on hand. Ideally, you want a couple of metres of PVC or copper pipe in the same size as your pipes. Additionally, you want a few fittings including T-junctions, corner fittings and end caps.

2. Hack Saw

When you do a plumbing repair, you typically are not going to use a metre-long piece of piping. Instead, you will need to cut your existing plumbing pipe to size. Whether you have copper or PVC pipes, a hacksaw can get through them so you can create the necessary size.

3. Basin Wrench and Pliers

To remove existing leaky fittings or broken pipes, you need a tool that gives you leverage and allows you to grab things. For this task, a basin wrench and a few adjustable wrenches or spanners are critical. These tools can also help you tighten up things as you install them, as well.

4. Solvent

To ensure your pipes and fittings stay tightly joined together, you need a bit of solvent. You can buy plumbing solvent at most hardware stores, and as long as you keep the lid on to keep air out, your solvent will last for quite a while in your emergency plumbing kit.

5. Optional Accessories

With the four essentials listed above, you can fix almost any leak in a wall leading to a shower or bathtub. However, if you also want to be able to fix your toilets or taps, you may want a few optional accessories in your plumbing kit.

For your toilet, consider getting a plumber's snake to help you with clogged toilets. For your taps, buy a few o-rings. These tiny rubber rings fit into your taps to keep them water tight. When they get worn out, your taps may start to leak, but in many cases, you can easily disassemble your tap and put in new o-rings.

For more tips on creating an emergency DIY plumbing kit, contact a plumber or emergency plumber.



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Unblocking the toilet

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